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WRGC Hosts Team Ireland Youth and Junior Development Training

On November 26th, the Wings Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (WRGC) played host to a significant event within the cheerleading community as they welcomed the Team Ireland youth and junior members for a developmental training session. Organized by Cheersport Ireland, this gathering brought together enthusiastic cheerleaders from all corners of the island to Athlone for a day of assessment, skill refinement, and camaraderie.

The primary objective of this developmental training session was to evaluate and monitor the progress of the youth and junior members of Team Ireland in a centralised setting. The agenda encompassed a comprehensive assessment covering various elements crucial to cheerleading, including group stunts, running and standing tumbling, jump sequences, and intricate dance routines.

The training commenced promptly at 11:00 am and continued rigorously until 4:00 pm. Throughout the day, participants showcased their skills, honed techniques, and underwent evaluations under the watchful eyes of many coaches. Members from Velocity Cheer & Dance located in Co. Wicklow and Ace High from Co. Galway, Kaleidoscope Gymnastics, Cheer & Dance in north Belfast, Children of Lir Cheer in Dublin and Ascension cheer in Wexford, brought their expertise and passion to the training session, contributing to the vibrant and collaborative atmosphere.

The WRGC's spacious and well-equipped facilities provided an ideal setting for this developmental training. With high ceilings, ideal for stunts and ample space; the athletes had the optimal environment to showcase their abilities and strive for improvement under the guidance of skilled instructors.

It was great to collaborate with Cheersport Ireland and hosting this event. Seeing the dedication to fostering talent and promoting the growth of cheerleading across Ireland was a true learning experience. With such initiatives, the future of cheerleading in Ireland appears promising, vibrant, and full of potential for growth and excellence.

-Dzeneta Zoltnere, Head of Cheerleading Programme

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James Walsh
James Walsh
Dec 01, 2023

Well done to the young athletes that participated in the squad training, amazing effort and dedication was displayed by all.

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