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Introducing Our Gymnast of the Month Initiative

We are excited to announce our new initiative, Gymnast of the Month, highlighting the outstanding talents within our gymnastics club.

Each month, we will showcase a different gymnast from varying skill levels and age groups, celebrating the diversity and dedication that define our community. The goals of this initiative are the following:

  • Offer an opportunity to recognize and applaud the achievements of our athletes, no matter how big or small

  • Make all our member feels seen and heard

  • Celebrate the diversity within the club

  • Inspire members and non-members to part take in physical activity, especially females

  • Promote inclusion within the club

The gymnast will receive a small gift and will be featured in our social media, monthly newsletter and website.

How to become Gymnast of the Month

To ensure parental control and compliance with child protection guidelines parents will apply in behalf of their children and fill all the required details. Information included is the following:

  • Introduction: Start with the gymnast's name, age, and how long they've been part of the club.

  • Gymnastics Journey: Share insights into their gymnastics journey. Highlight achievements, challenges overcome, and future goals.

  • Training and Skills: Showcase the gymnast's skills through carefully curated footage. Highlight their strengths and what makes them unique.

  • Personal Insights: Include fun facts or personal interests outside of gymnastics to show the individuality of the spotlighted member.

  • Quotes and Testimonials: If possible, we will include quotes or testimonials from coaches, teammates, or the gymnast themselves.

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