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WRGC gymnasts participate in Miss Valentine 2023

Four Wings gymnasts participated last Saturday, February 25th, in the Miss Valentine event, hosted by YouRitMix School of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The gymnasts performed routines in front of an audience and a judging panel for the level 2 Novice and Pre-Espoir categories. All gymnasts received a participation medal and a trophy and they were nominated for "Miss Opportunity", "Miss Friendship", "Miss Hard Work", and "Miss Concentration".

Miss Valentine is a new annual event organised by the club YouRitMix, based in Swords, Dublin. The Valentine's day themed event featured YouRitMix gymnasts from levels 2 to 5. YouRitMix kindly extended an invitation to Wings gymnasts. The young athletes were very happy with the results of the event.

"This event was an incredible opportunity for these young athletes to show off their gymnastics skills in a unique and exciting way"

Commented the club safeguarding officer, James Walsh. The participant's coach, Enya Tierney added:

"We couldn’t be prouder! We know the athletes will continue to excel in their gymnastics training and look forward to celebrating more successes in the upcoming Grading Competition taking place on the 25th of March."

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