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WRGC competes in Gymnastics Ireland's Grading Competition

The WRGC competitive squad took part for the first time in Gymnast Ireland's National Series. Eleven club gymnasts competed in the Novice, Pre-Espoir, Espoir, and Junior categories this Saturday 25th of March, accompanied by club judges James Walsh and Dzeneta Zoltnere; and coach Enya Tierney.

The competition, taking place at the National Indoors Arena on the Sport Ireland campus,

gave another chance for WRGC gymnasts to show the hard work they put into their routines. The results of the competition weren't considered conclusive due to the mix-up of scores on Gymnastic's Ireland online scoring site, and the club is awaiting confirmation of actual scores.

Two medals were given to gymnasts Kellie O'Connor and Gwen Brady, who performed outstandingly and displayed a remarkable attitude. However, the scores displayed didn't match their podium placement and we are waiting on it to be updated with fair scores for all the gymnasts that participated from all over Ireland.

"Although it's hard to determine who's score is who's, we hope all the gymnasts from Wings enjoyed the experience and got a chance to display the skills they worked so hard on getting in front of an audience"

Said their coach Enya about their experience.

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