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Wings Cup 2024: A Recap of the Thrilling Tournament

Updated: Jul 12

The Wings Cup 2024 proved itself a success. Held Sunday 16th of June, the competition was held at the Moate Sports and Recreation Centre provided the perfect backdrop for the Wings Cup Competition 2024. The spacious venue allowed for intricate routines to unfold, while the enthusiastic crowd created a supportive and energizing atmosphere for the competing gymnasts. The venue buzzed with excitement and anticipation as each performer took to the floor.

All competitors received a medal and a bouquet of flowers kindly provided by Flowers Unique

In Retrospect

Looking back on the Wings Cup 2024, it was a showcase of talent, passion, and sportsmanship that will be remembered for years to come. The competition brought together athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures, highlighting the universal language of rhythmic gymnastics and the power of sport to unite people from around the world.

Event Highlights

  • Rotation One(10:00 AM - 1:00 PM): The competition kicked off with the rotation one march followed by a group display by the Wings Rhythmic Gymnastics Special Olympics squad. The Cheer Squad and the Recreational display group also performed their displays. After the opening displays, Novice and Pre-Espoir gymnasts from the Development and Competitive Squad competed in their respective categories.

  • Rotation 2 (2:00 PM - 5:00 PM): The afternoon was dedicated to the individual and duo routines of the Espoir, Junior and Senior Categories.

Standout Performances


🥇Novice B: Yeva Olefirenko

🥇Pre Espoir B: Charlie Bock-Weck

🥇Espoir D: Ariane-Eugenie Selve

🥇Espoir B: Gisela Valverde

🥇Junior A: Anzhelika Pastukhova

🥇Senior A: Sofiia Chalbash


🥇Pre Espoir: Trio C- Karolina Klimarczyk, Liva Orna, Robyn Gormley-Magana

🥇Espoir: Duo A- Hanna Sobucka, Saoirse O'Connell

Especial Awards

🌟Miss Pointed Toes: Marta Kovalenko

🌟Miss Dance Steps: Aoibheann Milton

🌟Miss Elegance: Ariane- Eugenie Selve

🌟Miss Difficulty: Sofiia Chalbash

🌟Miss Friendship: Hanna Sobucka and Saoirse O'Connell

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