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Rhythmic Gymnastics: The importance of starting early

It's no secret that rhythmic gymnastics is a sport, where athletes peak typically in their late teens (15-20), making it an early initiation sport. Whether a participant decides to move on to competitive rhythmic gymnastics or do it recreationally, starting the sport early offers significantly more benefits and opportunities.

One of the main reasons for this is the diversity the sport offers in terms of physical skills:

It helps improve the participants’ stamina, the muscle strength, the controlling rhythm of the music and development of the athletes’ creativity. The essence of rhythmic gymnastics is to improve the skills of the sports, to participate in competitions to enable the athletes to understand the techniques, and tactics, involved and to develop the right body posture.

-Rhythmic Gymnastics of the Early Childhood, by Endang Murti Sulistyowati,

Master in Sports Science and Endang Rini Sukamti, Faculty of Sport Sciences ( 1st Conference on Interdisciplinary Approach in Sport)